January 31, 2013


Hermana Andrews with five of her six brothers
the day (January 16, 2013)she entered the mtc.

All the hermanas in her district. 

Here is some of her first email!

Hola, I have a nametag! Crazy to see it every time I look down.

Dude. The MTC is another world. So different. And I kept going to text you to tell you something...but oh duh. We live in the land of no phones. Thanks for the dear elders! 
Okay here is a little about the past week....

  • I LOOVE seeing people I know. I saw Esther, and Ashleigh, and other random people. Oh and the awkward handshakes with elders. haha.
  • Our district has 4 hermanas total, we are all going to Rosario! And there are 6 elders, 2 are going to Rosario. I have met some other people in other districts going to rosario also.
  • Sacrament is great. Just our zone...oh and you have to write a talk every. single. week. In espanol. And they randomly call 2 people to give it, right then and there. I played the piano, and luckily didn't give a talk. But maybe it would have been good, to justify how bad it is because it was only the first week.
  • The MTC is crazy. I hope people know how hard missions are.
  • We sit in the same classroom all day. Like, all day. The highlights are going to meals, to walk outside (under the covered sidwalks of course, so we don't even see sunshine). And then we go back to a class.
  • The teachers are great.
  • I don't know spanish.
  • They just throw you into it. Class is taught mostly in espanol. Most people have had a year or 2. So  the only spanish i know is how to pray and testimony. It is so hard. The teaching is really different, it's more on our purpose, and loving people, etc. We have only had 1 grammer lesson. And pretty much everything is on your own. We have a teacher for 3 hours a day, and usually 1 hour language class. But it is definitly frusterating, not being able to express yourself and what you feel and want to say. I wish about 20 times a day i was going to arizona english. haha. But i wouldn't have been called here if i wasn't able to do it. So all prayers would be appreciated.
  • We get 30 minutes of gym every day. I usually do eliptical and practice spanish. ha.
  • For jacob - you would love the food. I eat a lot of cereal and salad. I'm trying to hold off the average 15 pound weight gain average in the first 2 weeks that people get.
  • Dear elders are great, because then i get letters during the week.
  • The branch president is a former mission and temple president. I love all the presidents wives, because they are like my mom:) and give hugs.
  • I FORGOT MY ALARM! Please send. I haven't slept in once yet...we all wake up with one alarm.
  • I hope everyone going on a mission is prepared, because it not all sunshine and roses. The language makes it 10 times harder. But then i just think how i'm not learning russian.
  • I'm sure i'm forgetting a million things, but ya know how they are here, time is short on the puter. If you have questions let me know. And maybe some day i will write a real letter.
  • Love you all! Please keep me in your prayers! And I am praying for you too!

January 14, 2013


Letters would be appreciated! She is not falling off the face of the earth, and would love to hear from you. (And would like to hear about engagements, babies, grandbabies, etc. etc.) Let's be honest, who doesn't love receiving letters. Deal is, you send a letter, and she will make sure to write back.

The MTC Address (Until Feb. 26th):
Sister Marisa Nicole Andrews
MTC Mailbox # 170
ARG-ROS 0226
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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Select 'Argentina Rosario' (If before Feb. 26th, select 'Provo MTC')
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Argentina address for letters:
Sister Marisa Nicole Andrews
Argentina Rosario Misison
Blvd Argentino 7935
2000 Rosario
Sante Fe

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21 years ago she was born. (Into a family with 6 brothers, and of course no sisters.) She grew up running the streets playing cops and robbers, spending the summers eating otterpops, and learning the ways of how the brothers planned to blow up barbies using 4th of July fireworks. Time went on, the girl went to school, made it through high school, and attended Utah State. At one point she committed to serving a mission. 5 months ago she received a call to Rosario, Argentina. And now...the time is here. She is off to spend 18 months, living thousands of miles away from what she calls home, in order to help other people ultimately find their way home. The church is true. Missions are great. And she is excited for this next adventure in her life.