July 7, 2014

My Testimony


I could start out with a bunch of cliches....time flies fast when you are having fun, all good things come to an end, and many more.

First of all, I love Argentina. I love the mission. I have even learned to appreciate and enjoy all the dog chasing, door slamming, hot summers, cold winters, animals biting, food eating, and everything else that has come along with the package.

I would like to take this last opportunity I will have, with my name badge still on, to share my testimony.  A testimony that leads to conversion may be the biggest blessing we receive from the mission. This work is not about me, or us, this is God`s work, it is about helping his children return back to his presence. In God`s perfect plan he uses us, his imperfect children, to bring to pass this great and marvelous work. I could also list any number of lessons that have been learned - by forced experience, the agency of others, and situations that one would never imagine before this little adventure called the mission. One comes to realize the value of diligence, obedience, faith, love, patience, humility. (And not to mention the value of conveniences such as a washing machine, hot water, hot sauce and flavorful food, and that a few blisters never hurt anyone)

More than anything I can testify that our Savior lives. It is through His grace that we repent and can become more like Him. I know this because I have felt it in my own life, and also seen it in the lives of others in Virginia and Argentina. And now, my son, I have told you this that ye may learn wisdom, that ye may learn of me that there is no other way or means whereby man can be saved, only in and through Christ. Behold, he is the life and the light of the world. Behold, he is the word of truth and righteousness. (Alma 38:9) I know that our Heavenly Father loves us perfectly. Happiness and peace in this life comes through obeying his commandments. I testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I have come to absolutely love this book. (If I had to sell something door to door, this is probably the only product I could be passionate about.) I testify of Joseph Smith, and also that God has called a living prophet. 

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. They have been felt. God listens to us. Through coming to know and love our Savior, we can love those around us. The greatest experiences in life come when God uses  us as instruments in his hands. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love this gospel. Sometimes I think, why are we not running down the street with our hands in the air to let everyone know of this message....We have a purpose so important in the life, to prepare to return to the presence of God.

The church is true. Let us keep going with more faith. Que sigan adelante! Que seamos firmes y diligentes en nuestros convenios. Les quiero!

Hermana Andrews

Mision Argentina Rosario, enero 2014-julio 2014

June 30, 2014

June 30 2014


President Giuliani has gone, we now have a new pres. It´s a reminder of how the mission really is...people come and go, we come and go, but the work of the Lord continues on.

Well this week the biggest obstacle has been people juntados. I have been trying to think of the word for this in english...but we haven´t figured it out...would be living together?

It is a huge obstacle here in Argentina, the number of people that are not married, and the overall attitude of marriage. We were sitting in a lesson with Natalia and Jorge, (Jorge has now read half of the book of mormon in 2 weeks), when we found out they are jundado!!! Ugh. They have been living together for 18 years, and to divorce from her old husband is a complete mess and takes lots of time and money. We normally ask if they are married in the first contact....and we can´t remember if we never asked them before or what happened. But anyways, this was something difficult, complicates baptism.

We found another family, Raul and Marcela, one day contacting. We talked to the guy, he told us he lived alone and invited us in. What a creeper, we were thinking. Well it was all a joke, he has 6 kids, and they are a family with a ton of potential. It´s so refreshing to have a family where the mom AND the dad listen. Another new person is Carolina, she absolutely loves God, and has the most interesting personality...but would mean she will fit right in as a member here, and accepted a baptismal date:) I just love the people in Argentina, they all have something so odd but loveable about them. jaja. She is 35 and married to a 70 year old. But hey, I guess that´s love.

Leandro is doing better, it´s been a struggle after his baptism as he has had so many more distractions and temptations. But we were able to see him receive the priesthood, and he is doing better, and doesn´t even have a girlfriend. :)

We had a couple awkward moments...teaching a lesson, when someone claps outside, and it was los testigos de jehovah....Our investigador just says ´oh it´s just the testigos, they pass by too...¨ jajaja. Then after this lesson we go contact a street, when the testigos come walking up in their big heard like they do to attack a block, and start contacting! They then saw us standing in a doorway, and moved themselves to a different street. jaja.

The activity we did was a talent show. It turned out that our president and his counselor couldn´t come...so it was left to us 4 little missionaries to do it all. Well in the end it turned out a real hit (what would be considered a failure in america was a success here?....) and they all loved it. We had quite the variety of talents.... 74 year old recent convert Rogelio demonstrated how fast he jumps up on to his bike seat, and zoomed around the chapel. There were poems in french, singing, a mock radio show, and we did some completely embarrasing act, dancing around to music with balloons on the top of our heads. (even worse with the fact that the only music we have is from EFY...) But the whole thing was hilarious.

Church was exceptionally good yesterday. We talked about diets...but specifically spiritual diets. And how many times we are so worried about our physical body, but how often do we starve our spirits?

And....the world cup. Argentina is playing quite well:) There´s even a good chance that the US will play us...so we will see how that goes.

Love you all!! Hope summer is going well:)
Hermana Andrews

June 23, 2014

June 23 2014, Happy Summer!

Happy summer! Happy world cup! (Argentina has been doing pretty great I've heard...)
Another week has already come and gone. I don´t really even know what to tell you....but maybe some pictures will do? It´s weird to think that in a few weeks my life as I have known it will come to an end. I feel like I just have to take everything in here. I finally understand the meaning of awkward RMs. It´s leaving a life and entering a different culture.

We have been working on the whole riding without hands.
I don´t know how people haul their three children around
on those things.
Oh, just riding the donkey home from school.

4 north americans with lemon bars. Our favorite treat. Last night we slept with them, today is Hna Wildes birthday. We celebrated with facturas for breakfast and are watching Frozen....(yes Jacob). And she got the traditional phone call from President in the morning. There´s none of that free coldstone on your birthday, or anything like that...
There´s a huge emphasis on contacts in this mission. But how cool is it to think that if we talk to 140 people every week, as Elder Ballard has asked, (in the streets, knocking doors, etc), that´s 140 times to share your testimony. And if you do that every week of your whole mission.... What miracles would be seen.

We had some pretty great miracles. We taught someone named Natalia, and her husband Jorge (ex testigo de jehova), we came back another day, and she told us she could walk again and her health had improved. And natalia had read all of first nefi. We also taught some other new people, have more people with baptism dates. Its always just the part of actually going to church that is most difficult. We taught Lucia, and one night she taught us how to make noquis, it´s italian food that´s like pasta made from potatoes. We also met a guy who has written a best selling book on amazon, about ´why god doesn´t exist and that the bible was written by numerologists´. Poor guy. He wanted to teach us all the evidence from the bible why God doesn´t exist and that he was made up by math people.

One day I saw a family on the side of the road as we were driving to Parana, taking family pictures in matching clothes (soccer jerseys), with all the little kids lined up. It felt to Utah-Mormon! I haven´t seen something like that in a long time.
Love you all! Have a great day. This gospel is true! And enjoy the world cup:)
hermana andrews
p.s. heleman 12:1
"And thus we can behold how false, and also the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men; yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and prosper those who put their trust in him."

June 16, 2014


 Happy world cup! The copa mundial may be the biggest cultural thing I have seen in argentina, next to mate of course... Yesterday they played Bosnia, and won! The little phrase ´in the world but not of the world´ ever felt so true. As we walked around and attempted to contact houses, there was almost no one. Everyone and their dog was watching it. Luckily there was one family of members that don´t like soccer, and we taught them. Walking home it was almost eerie as no one was in the street. The most festive we got was the flag in the window, and a jersey I bought.

Happy fathers day!!! Yay. We went to church. The primary children didn´t even sing the little song. And we had salad and soup for lunch. jaja. But yesterday was quite a day. Keep in the mind the events of the world cup and fathers day....

As we left the church my comps bike busted, the tire went completely flat as a part of it was broken. So then she hops on the back of mine and we haul home. We go to open the apartment door, and it wouldn´t open...and wouldn´t open....The key didn´t work or something. I was searching all the options, of climing the roof, shimmingy around the side of the wall to climb in a window...and nothing was working. We go tell the neighbor-owner. She comes, can´t open it, thought we had busted the door....This happened during middle of the siesta, a sunday, fathers day, and the world cup. Worst circumstances. We were getting ready to make a trek back to the other hermanas apartment, who don´t live even close, and without bikes...When finally the door opened! Our neighbor sprayed some grease stuff, and it was a miracle!

To top off the day, a dog attacked us walking home. I have never been so terrified with a dog in the mish, as it was huge and black, and chased us with its big fangs hanging out. And no one to help us, as obvsiously everyone was inside watching the game. All in all a memorable day. The other hermanas then came over to sleep, we ate our crepes and ranch and veggies:)

Happy 17 months in the mish! The hermanas gave me a lovely little present all wrapped up.....I open it up, and there´s an animal hoof sitting there! Like all fury with bone sticking out...jajajaja. It was so disgusting. They found it on the side of the road yesterday and thought it would be a classy white elephant. Still not sure if it´s a sheep, goat, or something else.

We had a week of miracles. We found several new families to teach, one day a member came with us to contact her reference and the man ended up accepting a baptismal date! It was so great to see her have this experience, she had a list of people she was praying for to be prepared to accept the gospel, and it really strengthened her faith. Not all the little miracles can be put into words, but I really saw this week how God works according to our faith and diligence. As a district we were focusing on and practicing inviting people to be baptized...and I saw how God gave us the opportunities to do it.

I also like to see how some people are so content with what they have. People that can hardly walk, or hardly have a house...but are the happiest people. It´s humbling and makes me grateful.
Some people are just obsessed that we are from the US, and even asked us to sign their copy of the book of mormon. jaja.

Our branch pres. has now given us the assignment of teaching sunday school also...oh boy, the old testiment kills me. I´m used to teaching about the faith the jose smith all day! My companion teaches one class, and I teach the other, so that there´s a sunday and gospel principles. I have come to love teaching people.
Your week sounds so fun! Jacob is a little adventurer now!
Thanks for the letters and pictures! I´m grateful for all your prayers also. Have a great week,
Hermana Andrews

June 9, 2014

June 9 2014

Remember that cheap little walmart watch that we got right before the mtc?....well, It´s finally kicked the bucket. Most of my other things have long been shot, but the trusty little thing is finally dead. (After showing up 30 minutes late to a meeting with the branch president....and having no idea that we were a little behind...oops)

Another week has already come and gone. My comp is hermana Carlson (I started and am ending in Argentina with a comp named Carlson!), and she is so great. She´s from Orem, has almost a year in the mish, what else....Everyone says we look alike. There´s 4 of us americans here now. And the other hermana,hermana wilde, was with me in santa fe for a long time. Needless to say, it´s quite fun here:)
This week consisted of the hermanas that had a baptism, we ate tacos with the familia spies (argentine style....they were DYING from the picante, and it wasn´t even hot....and of course dumped plenty of oil on the tomatoes, lettuce, and meat), we played signs for FHE with the ward (SO hilarious, as there were only adults, all of which are a little older and weren´t quite understanding the concept of the game).

Yesterday our investigador Lucia came to church, well at least for part of it. And after we had an asado with them. She is so great.....she reads the scriptures and analyzes it herself. So refreshing to have a person who is intelligent and gets it. She asked us, ¨so the great and abominable church that it talks about in nefi would be the catholics, no?¨.....She has such good questions. Now we just have to get her husband on board, and they gotta get hitched.

We have had to leave a lot of people, but that´s the mission life. Find, teach, find teach. It´s all a process. And within this whole process, there are so many miracles. It´s been surprising to also see the lack of knowledge that many members here have....for example, we asked what ´atonment ´means, and hardly anyone really knew. It´s a testimony to me of the diligence and studies. Even people who are members for years forget things, get lazy, and get comfortable. We are working to teach the members the basic principles and missionary lessons.

Congrats on the graduation landon!!!!! How adorable. Was it in the place in sandy? And holy smokes, ethan has grown into an ostrich or something.
Thanks for all the prayers, and updates.
Enjoy all the camps and trips this week!
Love you all,
Hermana Andrews

"There is no doctrine more fundamental to our work than the Atonement of Jesus Christ. At every appropriate opportunity, testify of the Savior and of the power of His atoning sacrifice. Use scriptures that teach of Him and why He is the perfect pattern for everyone in life. You will need to study diligently. Do not become so absorbed with trivial things that you miss learning the doctrine and teachings of the Lord. With a solid, personal doctrinal foundation, you will be a powerful source for sharing vital truths with others who desperately need them."
—Richard G. Scott

June 2, 2014

Transfers - June 2 2014

And another transfer has come and gone......This transfer I knew I would be staying here, and was kind of just over all the news and excitement of who is going where. I guess I am officially the old lady. The news came, the sad part is that my comp Hna Castaneda is leaving....but my baby that I trained, Hna Hickman, is going to train in venado tuerto, where i started!! Also, the Hna Coreas who is here with me in Esperanza is going to my area in Santa Fe!! It´s a small world here in the mission.... I am starting my last transfer. Last of everything. Very bittersweet.

So the week also consisted of the day of cleaning, pulling a car out of the mud, more rain, zone meeting, lots of teaching and finding, and everything else.   The hardest part of the mision would be seeing people not fulfill with their commitments, not come to church.....to know that people have felt the spirit, and knowing how the gospel changes the life now and for the eternity, and then see the people reject it. Having people shut doors in the face, the freezing cold, or whatever rude comment does nothing. It´s feeling this love that God has for his children, and then seeing people not live up to their potential. This is what hurts. I´m understanding more the book of mormon, what all those missionaries like alma and ammon and amulek were talking about, when their worked with all diligence and prayed constantly for their brothers, to come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. I know the true joy in life really does come from this, to see our brothers and sisters understand and apply the atonement in their lives.

Hermana Hickman loves me enough that she sent me oreos and a jar of peanut butter! true love. And I received your letters and pictures, thanks!!

Congrats on the seminary graduation landon! Still going to boondocks, or how is it now?
Love you all,
Hermana Andrews

My new friend

May 26, 2014

May 26 2014


Truth is, I don´t have much to say. 
Maybe some pictures to share?
Of course every day is exciting to me, but when it comes to putting it in a letter for people thousands of miles away to read, it just doesn´t quite work out. 

Some things that could be noted is we had branch conference (almost have the people who came were from the stake..jaja) We are part of a stake in santa fe. Us missionaries were in charge of putting together a little choir, so of course i played the piano. Oh boy...such sweet people, with desires to sing...and have never had any training in the least bit. The things we take for granted, like having a beautiful sounding choir in church. jaja. But I think it ended up sounding ok, at least it didn´t drive away the spirit... The conference was really good, the stake president (who was the first person called to start the church in esperanza) talked about the promises that have been made about this area. It really is a special place. And I just know that one day the church will be thriving here. For now, there are some members who are just rocks and such examples.

One day we let a member borrow one of the bikes...so it was me and my comp sharing my bike, cause it has the little ´seat ´ thing on bike. What a ride. A...it´s not so cute to have 2 full grown people clunking around like that. Catches the attention of people, that´s for sure. 

The moral of this picture is you should never ask a 7 year old to take the picture. Because the oversized american gets her head chopped off. But, he is the same adorable little boy who then walked up to each of us, including his mom, and said ´fat ´, ´fat´, ´fat´,...as he pointed to the stomachs. He pointed at me and said ´skinny´. jajaj. First person so say that, so I like him. 

Working hard!....or hardly working?... We helped a family build the brick fence. And dug out weeds. The old fashioned pioneer way...with out the tiller thing or weedwacker. I was just wishing I had some Preen to put down after.

It was 25 de Mayo yesterday, it´s dia de la revolution of something....but anyways some holiday, everyone eats empanadas and loco. So we ate some food.

I love teaching gospel principles. You never know what it will bring. Yesterday it was 2 recent converts and an investigador. Edgardo is almost 80...and the investigador is a sweet old viajito also. Well we taught plan of salvation. Edgardo explained where we came from before being born....in the words of an 80 year old, and how parents love each other and all....jajaja me and my companion were trying to compose ourselves and not pee our pants, all while the other member kept saying ´we lived in the moms tummy! we lived in the moms tummy!¨. We explained about the before, before part....like our spirits in heaven.

Well don´t worry, the week did have the other great spiritual parts and all:) As a zone activity we all contacted for almost an entire day, to find some specifically prepared for baptism. We have met several people this week with lots of potential, and it also turns out that our investigador Sofia already knows one of our members. A super special moment was as we taught a new investigador Melina, she said the closing prayer, and immediately after started crying and crying. She explained she felt something really good...she felt the spirit so strongly, and we helped her recognize what she was feeling. It was a testimony to see how God touches the hearts of his children through the spirit. 

I love you all!
Thanks for the letters and prayers. 
Hermana Andrews

P.S. I heard this scripture in a district thing, and love it. It´s about the work we do...in the mission, callings, etc. The success isn't ours, it's God's. 1 Cor. 3:6-9

May 19, 2014

May 19 2014

I feel so blessed to have had such a special opportunity this week...to see our investigador Leandro take the step to be baptized and make convenios with his heavenly father. He is just so prepared, was just glowing....aahhh it was all so great. I have reflected a lot (obviously) on missionary work, what it means to be a missionary. This week I felt even more humbled, to feel how God uses us his hands on earth, to find and teach his children that he has been preparing. With him it just seemed to easy....we found him, he progressed so well, we just kept waiting for the big problems or trials that he would face before baptism!...and they didn't come. But obviously adversidad will come. We are nothing, the spirit does it all. And how God has really (forced? jaja) me to learn patience, confidence, and faith in him, and in his timing. To see someone like Leandro come to this knowledge of the gospel, it just strengthens my testimony even more. We have to be obedient and diligent, never compare ourselves or efforts to those of others, and always remember that the message we share every day is the truest thing in the world. Leandro has already came with us to a lesson, he carries all his books and scriptures around, is so hungry to learn more, and is the person who helps all the OTHER members participate and be happy. I feel happy knowing that one of God´s children is now on the path to eternal life.

As for the baptism, it was outside on the patio in a little pool. He did have to be dunked a few times, but lucky him the water heater worked! Members know their duty, and brought LOTS of cake and treaties for after:) Leandro shared his testimony, and was just glowing. The funniest thing was a recent convert, Noemi, shared her testimony also...and talked about her ¨padrino¨...what´s the word in ingles?....the people that the catholic church uses for bautismos. And then everyone wrote little notecards to him, and Noemi wrote more about the padrino...oops, she´s still a little confused with some doctrine. jaja. She thought that the person that baptized Leandro is the padrino.... we had to clarify that to Leandro, that we are baptized, and don´t do the godfather (?) thing.

This week we went to Rosario...AGAIN! We were called the night before, right when we had set a bunch of citas[appointment] with super great people. So, we took another little vacay to Rosario for tramites for my comp, which really turned into an adventure as we arrived at the mission home and were told we couldn´t sleep there because president was traveling and wouldn´t be there, so we took another hour ride to be with other hermanas, basically didn´t sleep that night, and going home the next day took extra long as we missed a different bus...oh the joys of traveling in argentina.

The other big news for the week would be the complete embarrasment we went through. Maybe mom should stop reading about now?.....So it was announced as an official rule that we have to use helmets to use bikes. First of all, we are in argentina, and second of all, when i got here i didn´t even know they existed here. So, realizing we need all the blessings we can get, we pull out the old helmets from a corner..uncluding a bright pink and orange flowered one. We were DYING of embarrasment. Like a 13 year old whose mom walks hand in hand to take them to school or something. No one. No one uses a helmet here on bikes. We already get enough attention as it is. Well we started using them, quite a sight cruising down the street in our skirts and helmets, feeling completely out of place, and even hearing people laugh as we pass by! jajaja. But we got over the embarrasment by the next morning. And are so used to it that sometimes my comp even forgets to take it off before we knock doors. One of our investigadores saw that we had helmets as we left her house, started laughing, called her children out to see us, and even insisted on taking a picture of us. Not sure if that was laughing with us or at us.....But I guess God works in mysterious ways...because the other hermanas here found a new investigador, who has a date to be baptized, because he saw the "chicas with helmets" and it called his attention.

Hey family, read in Alma 31, and think how this applies to missionary work and your responsabilities. 
Love you all!
Hermana Andrews

Hey, anybody want a vacay en Argentina??
It's your world. Take a tour."

May 12, 2014


Well it was just lovely to talk to some of you yesterday:) I hope you enjoyed all that delicious food and brownies and cake.....As for this week, I guess you have already heard about everying. 

This week we had zone meeting. We also went to rosario, i had visa stuff to do. This is always a nice thing, because it includes a siesta in the busride, and sleeping in the mission home. :) I went with hna haynes (from idaho) and my comp stayed here. We had lots of the normal things....noche de hogar, english classes, finding people. The truth is every day just keeps us so busy. Oh gosh, my legs have never been so sore!! The bike is killing me...or I am just turning into an old lady. We had interviews with president, it rained which meant trudging through mud (probably the closest I will have ever felt to a pioneer, hauling my bike through fields of mud in the skirts. what a sight i´m sure we were. this is where they need to take the kids for trek...jaja) Leandro is really progressing, his baptism is scheduled this week. We also have another lady, Vilma, who has all the desires in the world to be baptized, and so we´re helping her prepare to be ready the end of the month. 

Yesterday it was interesting to see who showed up at church with the rain and all...almost all were recent converts or investigadores. Esperanza is going to grow from new members. And when Jesus comes, it´s going to be on a rainy day......

I hope sterling is doing good, and you enjoyed the little skype sesh, and hello to seth also! 
Love you all!

Hermana Andrews

May 5, 2014

Happy cinco de mayo!

Happy cinco de mayo!
My comp is from Mexico...and we are in Rafaela today for pday and zone meeting...and we will be eating tacos:) but that's about it for the festivities. 

This week has been full of lots of little miracles. I cannot believe how stinkin fast time is going by. Leandro went to church again, also went to our noche de hogar and another branch activity that we watched the long joseph smith movie. He is so prepared and just loves it all. The only thing is...he has a girlfriend that lives in his hometown, so he may have to be married before his baptism, unless he plans on living separated long term. We taught the 10 commandments yesterday, and he asked what adultry is, so we taught ley de castidad, which he didn´t even know it existed.

Testimony meeting always has the funniest moments...I just pray that the investigadores feel the spirit. Jaja. Like the counselor who bore his testimony about how everyone should love and take care of the missionaries because they are far from home, and warn them what streets they shouldn't walk that are dangerous. Or the lady who gets up and bears her testimony how she is tired and deserves a vacation and is happy to be leaving Esperanza for a few weeks. Our ward activity turned out good with lots of people that came. For the noche de hogar we played a game where one person stands in the middle blindfolded, the others walk around in a circle, the person in the middle points to someone and says an animal...this person has to make a sound, and the person in the middle guesses who made the sound. Well it turned out to be the most hilarious game ever. It was mostly old men...and I about peed my pants laughing. We will be playing this the next family reunion.

My comp is just great, she knows the area and the members. We have stayed so busy contacting and teaching and finding people. There's an investigador, Maria, who has been investigating for 6 years. And she comes to church every sunday, but doesn't want to baptize yet....is waiting for the moment. She has been taught so much, but president asked us to focus on her again, as he thought this might be her time that she is prepared. So we went and had a lesson, using the baptismal interview question to see what her doubts or needs are. Turns out she doesn't have a testimony of jose smith, the book of mormon, or profetas. After all this time, of course she still isn't baptized if she doesn't have a testimony of these basic things. One of her children died 6 years ago, and everyone had focused on teaching plan of salvation...and she sure has a testimony of that. But it reminded and taught us the importance of making sure that people have a testimony of the book of mormon more than anything, or they won't progress. (But she did tell us she plans on getting baptized within 3 years, will retire from her job, and then wants to accompany us to lessons with investigadores. Ok.)

Well this week I destroyed 2 skirts. One day it rained....I had on a white skirt, which very soon turned into a coffee brown skirt. Oops. Thank you, bikes and dirt roads. Another day my skirt got caught in the tires of the bike and ripped holes...jaja. But seriously, I am living the life with this bike. Esperanza is just a pretty little place. Last pday we went to a huge park that has a little lake, I love the dirt roads and humble people. Our area has 3 barrios, or areas, and esperanza inclued a little of everything, including wealthy areas. But after living in the costanera....none of the houses surprise me!

I got all the letters and dear elders this week, thank you all!!!
One day we visited an investigador, and there was a big bin piled high with chicken guts, feathers, and even the little feet. They had an asado the night before. It was SWARMING with flies, and that was the closest I have ever been to vomiting from the sight and smell. Oh how I miss hygiene sometimes. jaja. 

Well it sounds like everyone is doing good! Whoa crazy that school is already over. As for skype..is it okay at 2.30 your time?...we are 3 hours ahead here, so that will be 5ish for me. Asi que...we will be talking soon! I will probably check my email later today.

Love you all!

hermana andrews

April 28, 2014

Hello from esperanza:)

The first thing they tell me is to get on the bike. Um, hello, I´m in my little pencil skirt...so flying down the first dirt road was an adventure. Then I´m told to just leave the bike next to the tree while we go visit someone. I thought this was a joke for sure. Well I soon realized that here in Esperanza I am living the missionary dream. One of the main forms of transportation is bikes, there´s dirt roads, friendly people, an apartment larger than a closet, you can carry more than a Book of Mormon....
I got transferred! I left my beloved Costanera Santa Fe, after almost 6 months. It´s always hard to leave all the people behind, but I wasn´t too surprised with the change. I am now in Esperanza, it´s only an hour away from Santa Fe, but a completely different world. And yes, we do go everywhere on bikes:) It really is tranquila, you don´t have to lock up your bike even. My comp is Hna. Castaneda, from Mexico. She has only been here 3 months, but you would think she has more like a year in the mission. There´s also 2 other hermanas in the rama. The president of the rama was the obispo in Costanera for 2 years, so I had heard all about him before. This place was love at first sight. It has been interesting, as it is the first time I have not arrived in a new area with a whitewash! What luck, to actually have investigadores and someone who has been in the area:)
I will share just a few hilarious things from my days here....
We were having an asado with the Flia. Spies. The meat was on a grill close to the ground, and without anyone noticing a dog went and started eating it. The dad saw, and went running, and grabbed the chunk of meat out of the dogs mouth, and started beating the dog. He then went to rinse the meat off, and put it back on the grill. We once again started eating, when a few minutes later the dog went back and stole the meat again! Again, the dad went running and yelling at the dog, grabbed it out of it´s mouth, rinsed it off, and put it on the cook. The mom said ´well, we will just have to kill the dog now´....and was not joking. We then continued eating. And we ate the meat that the dog had previously chewed on 2 times. Talk about not wasting food. jaja.

During the sacrament a recent convert was passing it for the first time. He is a funny old guy, always started singing songs at the top of his lungs in the most random moments. Well as he was passing the sacrament, there were some people who didn´t want to or couldn´t participate. He insisted that one member take it, and the member kept saying no. With this happening, of course all the members were watching, and he can´t really whisper. He then turned to the president and said ´president, He doesn´t want to take the sacrament!´....and this happened with every person who didn´t take it. jajaja. I hope none of the members were too embarrased....

One night we were going home on the bikes, when a guy came riding up next to us, and said ´why did jesus come¿¨.....what a contact. So we talked as we went down the road...and ended up giving a book of mormon. How random.

We contacted a guy Leandro, as we were looking for a reference that we couldn´t find the house. We invited him to church, and sure enough he showed up sunday, and was waiting outside before anyone else came! It was a miracle to find an investigador like this, who is so willing to learn, and enjoyed the church. Now we just need to put a baptism date.
As for the band concert, that is the most hilarious thing....I´m sure it was terrible in the moment, but now gives denny saunders even more reason to hate the andrews family. Oh well. Jacob is the last child. Just hope that the grandkids don´t go to south hills middle....

And good job landon! There´s a santa fe marathon in a few weeks if you want to come....
Mom, there are some people with red hair. Not lots. Here in Esperanza almost all are decendents of germany and switzerland. It´s interesting. 

Well love you all! Have a great week, and happy may! (Happy dia de trabajadores....yep, another holiday here in argentina.
Hermana Andrews

This is me with my new comp! She is the sweetest thing
ever. She actually left on the mission a year ago, and
after one week in the field got hurt and had to go
home...and recently left again. 

April 14, 2014

happy easter!


Today for pday we took a lovely bike ride, all over the costanera. It´s so pretty, and it´s not rainy or freezing cold today! We ate hamburgers from a little burger stand (argentine version of a taco stand). There´s an hermana in my zone going home next week, so it´s her last pday. I don´t have my planner or anything, so I will give you what I remember from the week.

We are now in the last week of the transfer. Wow. And this week is easter! My comp doesn´t really know much about what easter even is...jaja. Here they do the whole semana santa, and eat fish, and have big chocolate eggs. And I think  that´s about it...

This week was one of those weeks that sure makes you suffer a little. And grow. Let´s just say, I have learned to really pray, to forgive people, and to move on and be happy. People joke about mission stories and crazy comps, but then you live it, and it´s not so funny. But I can truly say that the atonement is real, prayer is real, and people can change. We are not given circumstances more than we can bear.

We had divisions with the sister trainers, I was with hermana diorio, who came to argentina the same day as me, so it was so good to see her. Everything fell through, it rained, and we contacted for hours...jaja. But then there was a ward activity, a dessert competition! mmmm. I did cinnamon rolls, the elders chocolate chip cookies, there were even brownies! The winning thing was jello with fruit chunks...jaja. (I missed big brownies covered in fudge sauce and whipcream....)

I celebrated ONE YEAR IN ARGENTINA!!! yay! I really do love this place....the people I have met, the empanadas, the sunsets....I love it all. I celebrated by eating an alfajor. I was actually in the missiom home in rosario on the one year anniversary.

We contacted a LOT of people this week, that was good to reach our goal. We found some new people to teach. There´s a lady anamaria who had an accident and can´t walk, she sits in her little kiosko all day and knits. The first time we met her we said a prayer and shared a scripture. When we passed by again she told us she had been waiting and waiting that we would come again, and that the day we visited her all the pain in her leg was gone. That was cool. We started teaching the daughter and son in law of one of our investigadores, the girl is 16 with a baby and the dad is 25. I love teaching people who really have no concept of where we came from and our potential as eternal families. It´s powerful to see the people realize all that god has planned for them.

Yesterday at church there were 2 less active families that came, it sure helped with the number of people, and it was a miracle. It was a really good Sunday, I just felt so much love for the members here.

Shoot...can´t remember what else happened this week. We went to rosario to do visa stuff, had zone meeting....It seems like there has been so many things like this our area has not had as much attention as it needs, and the time just goes by.

Mom, I like that CPR thing. Too bad that´s in english though...jaja. 
My comp is learning english. As for now her favorite phrases are ´i love you´ and ´you are beautiful´. I have also taught her other important things, ´holy cow´, ´you are crazy´....

Thanks for the updates on everyone! Crazy to think it´s spring there now. 

Happy easter! You could save me some job eggs... :)
Love you all!
Hermana Andrews

“Our security is in [our Heavenly Father] and HisBeloved Son, Jesus Christ. I know that the Saviorloves you. He will confirm your efforts tostrengthen your testimony so that it becomes aconsummate power for good in your life, a powerthat will sustain you in every time of need and giveyou peace and assurance in these times ofuncertainty.

“As one of His Apostles authorized to bear witnessof Him, I solemnly testify that I know that the Saviorlives, that He is a resurrected, glorified personageof perfect love. He is our hope, our Mediator, ourRedeemer.”

Richard G. Scott

This is the giant slide. Kinda sketch, but it has been my dream to
go down it. Costs 3 pesos. Too bad it´s only open sundays. 

 Me and hermana diorio, with little hats that Anamaria gave us. 

April 7, 2014

Hermana Andrews

Look who won the lottery?!...... Or just had a lot of medico to pay.

So we went to Walmart today. I just love that place. (Don´t worry, in another few months I will probably take that comment away). And then we took a bus ride through half of Santa Fe (quite the contrast to see pure sketchiness and villa compared to our hollywood area), to finally arrive at a ciber that´s open. So now I am emailing...and then we will go to the doctor. And that would be pday. (Where in America you can get your list of 10 things done, here you choose. One thing every pday... thank you collectivo buses).
Well the best news would be conference. It just made my little heart SO happy to sit there...see the temple, hear the choir, even see our neighbor and my old choir teacher. Oh Utah i love you!  I did end up getting to see 2 sessions in English! The message and spirit is obviously the same, but there is a different power to hear the speakers in English. This is one of the reasons they encourage the missionaries to learn english. I loved Uchdorfs talk about living in an attitude of gratitude, president packer´s testimony (sounds like a farewell..), the talk that was basically a ten minute version of the first 2 missionary lessons. Ok I loved it all. I still haven´t seen the 2nd saturday session, as we were only allowed to watch it if we had an investigador, and our investigador didn´t show up last minute. Ugh. I missed the conference bingo and cinnamon rolls...jaja.  Only 6 months until the next conference! haha. Unfortunately it POURED all day Sunday, which can be an extreme test of faith for people here to actually venture out of their house. Which also meant that not even one of our investigadors came.
Mom, as for the dulce de leche. Yep, it´s from Argentina! They are EXTREMELY proud of that. There is practically half an isle in the grocery store for dulce de leche. It´s eaten with everything. (Today I had a dulce de leche filled donut). My favorite things are dulce de leche with a banana, dulce de leche with a bowl of cornflakes, and dulce de leche on french toast. Ok lets be honest, or just a spoonful. Here it´s just boughten, like we would buy a thing of jam or peanut butter.
The Chidester boy got his call to my mission??!  My efy girl is going in the mtc on july 16th also, my release date! Oh boy, they are lucky ducks to be coming here. They have no idea what´s coming their way:) Congrats to them!
We were eating lunch with the bishop and his little 8 year old played ´tankionline´. Wow, i felt right at home. He also plays that other minecraft or whatever.  Another day we had a noche de hogar with a family, and ate hamburgers. An elder brought hot sauce to put on them, (which honestly was not even very hot...), and tricked a little kid into eating a whole spoonful of it. Once again, I felt right at home. Hilarious. We had another noche de hogar with a family, and the little girl, Selene, was giving the lesson. After she read a story, she went around and asked everyone questions. It must be something universal, the fact that little children love to be in charge and have the power to interrogate people. I felt right at home.
Thank you for the letters. I´m glad everyone enjoyed conference!  Keep running hard Landon. Ethan, what are you doing with your life now? And Jacob, are you still free from all slave labor?
I hope you all have a fabulous week. And if not the whole week, we can have good moments every day. The church is true. Love you all.
Hermana Andrews

March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello family!

Thanks for sending the pics, I love pics more than anything. That race that landon did looks so stinkin cool. And I guess there won´t be any rockclimbing-bobsledding-swordfighting soon for jacob. 

This week is conference. Woohoo!! Highlight of the year. And even luckier to be here where there´s a church to go to! To answer some peoples question, we watch it in Spanish, here in the stake center. I didn´t get to see the women's session, as it started at 9pm. The language makes no difference, I just miss hearing the peoples real voices! E.Holland just doesn´t have the same effect with a soft little young person voice translating....ja. 

Speaking of which, yesterday our investigador came to church. He came in his suit and all, looking quite fine. He is 70, his daughter who is 15 (and has a baby) lives with him, he has had 2 wives die. (He did tell us that he has his cup of wine with every meal to remember the blood of Jesucristo..jaja. We need to teach that.)  It also helps this ward a lot, to have investigadores in church...it´s an area that has hardly had any growth in years, and the members don´t always understand the importance of missionary work. 

Lots of the week was occupied with doctors appointments...it´s been an experience! Today we are going to another one.  But....this week I really came to a better understanding of patience and love - both for my companion, and the fact that God knows our desires and efforts. I try to understand the balance between my responsibilidad, the short time we have as missionaries, a companionship has 2 people that are at times different, and the fact that this time is to enjoy. The mission is like a garden. We get assigned to a little corner of the garden...it may be an area to be planted, or to be nurtured, or to be harvested. The important part is what we do in our little part of the garden, the extent to which we work and watch with patience and faith that things are growing. It´s a lovely experience. Sometimes it rains (or literally downpours) or sometimes it´s sunny. But all of the workers in the garden have the same purpose. We come and go, but the cycle of the garden continues. That being said, I have learned to just be happy and use all the time I can in the way that God wants. Wow, it goes by. 

I introduced my comp to no bake cookies and pancakes with dulce de leche. And of course I put sprinkles on top of everything still. One day a moto ran into my companion, crossing the street. What a day...it didn´t seriously hurt her...but it didn´t add positively to the day that was already filled with visiting the hospital. jaja. So I guess one night I was sleepwalking...my comp said I got up in the night and went to the door. Jajaja. Needless to say, we not sleep with the keys far away from the locked door. 
One day I was crossing the street and a lady was sitting in her car and called us over. She then began to ask if we were baptized catholic and mormon. It quickly became evident that she was looking for a good conversation to pick the mormons apart. She was SUPER catholic and completely uniformed, offered a virgin maria picture to us, I then tried to gift her a little picture of Jesus Christ. She rejected, and then was suddenly in a hurry to zoom off in her car. Quite funny, I just wonder how long she had been stalking us and waiting for an opportunity to attack the Mormons. It just boggles my mind when people who claim to be SO catholic won´t accept a picture of Jesucristo.

There really are little miracles every day, in people that we visit, people we contact, moments that the spirit is so strong. It just really hit me sitting in church yesterday, as we talked about Jose smith, that the church IS the same. It doesn´t matter how many members there are or where we go, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same. And it´s waiting for those people who are ready and prepared right now. It´s overwhelming how many people don´t want anything and all the negativity, but at the same time God is preparing people in every part of the world to accept the restored gospel. 

Thanks for your prayers, thoughts, and letters. Much appreciated.
Enjoy end of quarter. Lucky ducks. 
Have a great week!
Oh, and happy april fools day. 
love, hermana andrews

March 24, 2014

Happy Día Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la Justicia.

 March 26 

Once again, a holiday. It wouldn´t be a week in Argentina without a holiday! This being said, everything is closed today. Luckily we found some computers. For zone pday today we watched a movie, the croods...?? or something like that. Maybe it came out along time ago...everythings knew to me. But HILARIOUS. Or maybe I have just been surviving on missionary humor for too long. 
As far as the week goes...it´s been interesting. Ok, that could be said of any week. 
First of all, I love sterling´s letters. (By the way sterling, you probably shouldn´t tell mom when you about die.) It´s the truth, it´s not the easiest to put a week worth of missionary experiences in a letter. 

Other notable things include trying blood sausage, or morcilla. We had an asado, and of course everyone insisted I tried it. So I gave into the peer pressure. I think the worst part was just knowing what I was eating (ok, more like not knowing what was in it), but it was just a black lump of poo looking thing. I wouldn´t really recommend it, but the rest of the asado and meat was delicious. I ate mac and cheese! (thanks mom), the first time in more than a year. My eyes were almost blinded by that bright orange color. mmm. 

I feel like I have really been pushed to the limit. Mentally, emotionally, physically. I´m not saying I´m a mom or anything...but a lot of responsibility has been on me in many forms. Something I have learned more than anything in the mission is to rely on my Heavenly Father as the first form of support. It´s been a challenge ...but I have felt that I have given all I can to the members and area. But hey, it wouldn´t be the mission without a little sweat (but i did survive the summer), blood (stinking mosquito bites), and tears. 

Our investigatorl didn´t go to church. So I´m not sure what´s going on with that, as he was going to be baptized this week. My faith and prayers can only take a person so far. But this week we will see what happens. Patience is necessary for salvacion, I guess? He was progressing so much. Even went to institute by himself. But there have been other little miracles, new people we found, that more people are going to church. One of my favorite moments was as we prayed with a family together. We had talked to the wife, and passed by another day when her husband was there. At first he didn´t really want to talk...but we really got him thinking. Ok, the spirit got him thinking, about his priorities and everything. We prayed together as a family, and it was powerful. The little things we have done our whole life and take for granted literally change the lives of others. 

We also had zone conference. That was great, president and hermana giuliani talked. My comp had to give a talk in english (the english is one thing I know I can leave with my latina comps!), just like I had to give a talk in spanish my first zone conference forever ago. There´s been a big focus on the teaching, and practicing how to actually teach clearly and simply. Easier said than done of course. 

It sounds like the week of birthdays was SO good! The best time of the year is quickly approaching...conference! jaja. It is officially fall now. And well noted here. We still don´t have hot water...and the showing with a bucket method is getting rather uncomfortable. 

Well, I love you all lots. Mom, I got your dear elders, thanks. Dear elders are the best, because I get them random times. And have time to read them. Thank you for all your prayers, they are needed. The gospel is true. Sometimes we just have to keep on keeping on. 

love, hermana andrews

ps. Me and my comp, The other is a pic of (part) of the zone, with (some) people and the matching shirts. Cute, huh. It´s easier to get an andrews family picture than a zone of missionaries. 

March 17, 2014

happy st. patricks day!

Unfortunately, the leparchauns didn´t seem to leave any gold here....and my comp didn´t even know this holiday existed. Oh well.

As for this week, yep I have a new comp! Hermana Martinez from Honduras. (Tegucigalpa, not san pedro sula...) She is a little fireball, quite the personality! She´s been out almost 6 months. It´s been fun, but definitely a lot of work, as I had been with my last comp so long and we new the area. One thing I have learned during the mish is that example is more powerful than anything...so this traslado [transfer] I hope I can be an example of obedience and positive attitude. But we are adjusting. She told me I look fatter in my pictures before the mission...jaja I don´t know about that. Latinas are funny at times. We have already made a trip to the hospital with her, so we will see what other excitement this transfer brings.

Yesterday President Giuliani came to santa fe for a fireside for recent converts and investigadors. It was really good, our investigador  Marcos even came. Well it was all good, until president drove us home...and we got lost and it took forever. Stinking one way roads...how embarrasing, as I was giving directions. jaja.

It´s funny how much the decisions and lives of other people affects you as a missionary. Like if they are happy and progressing, you are. Their problems are your problems. I tried explaining this to an elder, but they just didn´t get it. So I don´t know if it´s a women thing or what. But we were able to have some good lessons, and even teach with the members. Why can´t everyone just accept the gospel! The world would be so much happier! Stinkin agency! kidding. kidding.

Yesterday I had one of the most delicious meals in Argentina. It was the birthday of a nephew of a member, he cooked a meal fit for america. There was raviolis with a creamy green sauce, and this chicken stirfry stuff that had grapes and peaches and fruit with the veggies...so unlike anything I have seen here. We even had real, hot, peppers. mmmm. Flavor. Unfortunately, my comp doesn't like fruits or vegetables. No joke. I´m trying to prepare her for life.

I´m glad to hear about JaNece, I had a dream the other day that she was smoking and inactive. That´s right, smoking. I woke up and it was the most real thing ever...jajaja. This mission has given me psycho dreams. And zach is getting married??! And ethan in high school? holy cow.

Happy birthday Jacob and Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! 
I like what you said about missions mom. It sure makes me think about life in the future someday. Not in a trunky way. But really I am seeing how God allows us experiences to expand our perspective, set priorities, and really develop a foundation for the rest of the life.

Well anyways, I hope everyone is good. I´ve already learned that no one tells me if they are not doing good anyways...I always just get the good stuff in the letters.

But have a fab week!

love, hermana andrews

March 10, 2014


And I am staying here in santa fe! yay! But, my companion/baby/trainee is going to....Venado Tuerto where I started! So crazy! I thought we would have one more transfer here together...but she´s going bye bye.

As far as here in Costanera....we had a super good week. full of miracles. 
One of the miracles of my entire mission has been Marcos. Maybe you remember him from a few months back? Well he´s back on board. And is getting baptized in 2 weeks. I am just SO happy for him. Something changed in him completely. He told us he wanted to come to church and be baptized. He came Sunday, even after working the entire night and got home that morning. We had a lesson last night, I asked why he is even going to church and wants to follow Christ, he just said ´When you know it´s true, you know it´s true. I feel good there.¨ And then later he sent us a message telling us he wants to do service for the members. (We had the lesson at the house of a member and he heard her mention how she was going to have the door painted...well Marcos told us he will go back and paint it. Who does that.) We invited him to be baptized and he said, "I already told you I want to be baptized."...jaja. We had to officially invite him, to put a date and all. 

Other miracle was sunday, having 2 investigadores in the church. I was sitting there playing the piano prelude, when the counselor came up, and asked me to talk, if the speaker didn´t come. Oh shoot. So I was sitting there with 2 minutes until the meeting started....and then I saw the guy walk in. Hallelujah, I was saved. Well we did the sacrament and then they announced my name that I was talking. Oh shoot. A year ago I would have peed my pants over that, but I survived. So I´m walking up there trying to think of a scripture or something...I start talking, look up from my scriptures, and a guy Leonardo walks in. Happiest moment. Leonardo is an investigador we recently found, we taught him a few days ago and invited him to church, he said he wanted to come. Well as a missionary maybe I don´t have complete and full faith in all people following up on that...but he came! He´s 40ish, a teacher, and genuinely interested in the church. To say the least we were content this sunday. And luckily our bishop just returned from brasil, and the members were so good to our investigadores. Funny thing is we were cleaning the church saturday and had the idea to take out half the benches in the chapel to the members would be forced to sit next to each other instead of isolated in their normal spots. Well we had permission from the counselor, but later he called us and told us it probably wasn't a good idea...so we ended up putting all the benches back. Good thing I guess, as it was quite full of members Sunday. Although I still think taking out benches is a good idea...jaja. 

This week we were also blessed with other miracles to find new people to teach. Three days in a row we ended up on the exact same streets contacting as los testigos de jehovah. I still haven´t found the prime opportunity to contact them and give a book of mormon.... I also found my favorite food here, fugazza, it´s like a pizza thing with bread on top, experienced crazy rain storms and having no power, did lots of service for members (I´m getting good at sweeping sidewalks), ate wheat bread (yes mom, you would be proud), visited walmart (home sweet). Happy dia de la mujer! It´s a thing here, like mother´s day. Funny thing is it started in the states, but doesn´t even exist there.

Of course lots happens every week, but when it comes to letter writing truth is it doesn´t even sound so good all written down. Or pertinent to everyone. We had cleaning day. I cooked brownies. Etc. But it was a good week. And now I will have a new comp, one of the elders from Costanera is leaving also. But I sure do love being here. 

Thanks for all the letters this week! So good to hear from everyone. Sterling, I about died seeing pics inside your apartment. What a joke. Enjoy. And just tell your comp that here the missionaries with bikes are at the TOP of the totem pole. But I do love hearing your experiences and all. No matter where you service in the world, truth is there are a lot of similarities.

Congrats to Jack! His family sure has been blessed. Jacob, sorry buddy. I´m sure you are at least getting spoiled right now. Not having to any jobs or piano practice or anything. Lucky duck. I guess it´s getting to be spring there! Weird, cause that means it will be fall here. Today I did buy winter socks and leggings....and I have to sleep with a blanket now. I survived summer in Santa Fe. 

Love you all. I hope your week is great! I´m sure grateful to be here in argentina for this little part of my life. More than anything, to learn and to hopefully become closer to the person god knows I can become. This gospel is so true, we just have to live it. We can decide how we react to experiences in our lives, people we enfrent (and this includes elders...oh boy I am learning patience/tolerance/and the power of example. We as humans are so imperfect). God truly allows us to pass through what we need to, to help us prepare and learn and grow, all through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Love you. Sigan Adelante. 
hermana andrews

Picture: our zone.....almost half hermanas:) (mom, we ate salchichas for lunch. hotdogs. boiled. and I ate them. I think being a missionary has either killed my tastebuds or made me tolerant...)

March 3, 2014

happy carnival

Happy carnival! All I know there´s fireworks and parades. It´s horrible for a pday...EVERYTHING is closed today. Except a ciber. And here they seem to stretch out holidays for days. Maybe Daniel celebrated?.... At least mcdonalds was open!
I don´t have anything to eventful to report. It´s been rainy. And cloudy. And the lovely humidity. We went to Rosario, that sure killed working time this week. Our investigadores seem to be dropping like flies. Half the ward is apostasizing. But it´s a new week now. I heard the best excuse for not going to church, when a ladytold me she has her little bathroom problem and the diapers she was using were leaking through like crazy...so she couldn´t sit through 3 hours of church. jaja. I really tried to not laugh on the phone. Bless her little heart.

We were contacting houses and found a less active, evilyn. She´s 20 and has a little baby, is living with her BF. We had no idea she existed, she moved here a few months ago. She was super active in the church until about 2 years ago, her boyfriend isn´t a member. Anyways it was a little miracle to find her, and now we have another part member family, and she even told us she knows she is living in sin and wants to go back to church.

Two other things that were reafirmed to me this week is that everyone needs a friend...there are literally people here who have no friends at church. No wonder they don´t come. And second, that complaining about leaders does nothing for yourself or the leaders. Gosh, being a missionary just gives me different perspective of wards. Why are we as humans so stinkin prideful?!

We found a guy from Florida. He was washing his car, then he started talking to us in english. Turns out he is from here but lives most of the year in the states as a neurologist and artist. He thought we were the coolest people, and loved everything we said. I could imagine him as some hippie from the 60´s. It was nice to not be screamed or scowled at. He even accepted a book of mormon as a souvenir from us.

This week we found another scorpion in the shower, good thing it was my comp and not me standing there when it appeared...we did various service projects and cleaning for members...we had zone pday and ate tacos...

Jacob! Why did you bust your arm again??!! jaja. poor thing. Landon, are you still going to graduate? Daniel...tell me your life plans!
IT¨S MARCH! whoa. Sterling, it looks like you survived the winter.

Thank you for the letters. Mom and dad, i got those dear elders. 
Keep on keepin on! I hope everyones week is great! Next week are transfers...so we will see what happens. 

Love, hermana andrews

p.s. jesus loves you.
p.p.s. why were the indians here first?....they had reservations.

p.p.p.s. what do you can a dinosaur with extensive vocabulary?....thesaurus

February 24, 2014

February 24 2014


I´m glad you made it back from Cali, and that everything went so well. It sounds like it was such a nice service. One day we will see him again!

A highlight of the week was our historical ward activity... "un desayuno americano". We (us 4 missionaries from the states) cooked pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, fresh OJ...it was all quite a hit. They first thought we were crazy, but they ate it. Funny thing is they ate hardly anything...their stomachs are just used to mate and crackers in the morning! It was even complete with dulce de leche and peanut butter. 

A miracle was our investigador Christina who came to church yesterday! She first met the missionaries more than a year ago...in fact she contacted THEM. She knows either our church or testigos de jeovah is true. The thing is she NEVER goes to church...but she finally came. I can see how much satan is working on her....probably because when she is baptized she will become general relief society president or something. We also found a new person, Theresa. She is actually 80...but i never would have guessed it! She listened so good....unlike any other lady i have ever met here. We contacted a ton this week too. The mission goal is to have 500 baptisms in the next 2 and a half months. You have to remember that we are in rosario, argentina......not mexico. So this normally would sound ridiculous...it's more like the mission goal for a whole year. But already we have seen so many miracles. Many are called, but few are chosen. God is preparing many of his children right now. We have been trying what's called a harvest blessing....you basically go to someone's house, tell them you are here to leave a blessing and are representives of Jesus Christ, go say a prayer, they feel the spirit, and then go back to teach them. I´m learning to be bold. And more than that to just open my mouth and trust in the spirit. Truth is i love contacting...I never would have said that a year ago. jaja.

Last week we went to Walmart as a district. We are almost all from the states. And everyone had to stock up on peanut butter and hot sauce. I just hope america isn´t going through the inflation that argentina is...oh wow, missionaries shouldn´t have to worry about the economy, but things are rapidly changing here. 

We had the classic contacting in rain missionary experience. We had planned to knock doors...and it was pouring. So we still knocked doors. Didn´t find one sympathetic person. The weather just affects people SO much here! But we tried. jaja. People just thought we were crazy probably. Unfortunately lots of time people think we are begging for food and money when we knock doors....so we are trying to make our presence known everywhere. 

I still haven´t warmed up to cockroaches. I was washing the dishes of a member, when i noticed one floating in the sink. I tried ignoring it. It was dead. But then the sink filled up and it disappeared into the murky depths. I also noticed a dead one hanging from the wall next to me. Mom, you would be proud, I don´t even scream or react. It´s tolerance no más. I just couldn´t bring myselft to actually touch it. As for the mosquitos....I think i have bites on top of bites. We got stuck talking to a person while we were standing in a patch of tall weeds. Bad idea. We were literally attacked by them....i couldn´t stand still, it felt like we talked forever as I was trying to just give the lady a picture of jesus and end the contact..jaja. Maybe she just didn´t notice our ants in the pants dance. This week we also had marriage proposals, we ate the yummiest crepes that a member made. 

Good job on band, Ethan!

attached is the pic of us missionaries in costanera. Also, happy late bday landon...i didn´t have my camera last time. 

Love you all!

hermana andrews


February 17, 2014

Happy fiesta nacional de mate....yes this is a real event

Dear family,

I´m so sad to hear about grandpa. At least we know that he has lived quite the life. I´m praying for all of you, and most importantly for grandma. Love you all!
I have really seen this week how the gospel of Jesus Crist changes lives, not just now, but for the eternity. This is the comfort that we receive despite trials. I saw a huge miracle this week. It had been a rough time. Nothing we seemed to be doing in our area was working. I feel like I should be at the point of the mission being better than any moment before, but we just felt stuck and like there was no progress or results. I then found out that my investigador from Colón, Sulma, was baptized!! Months ago we contacted her and her family one Sunday as they were walking down the street....me and hna cruz taught her, but there were so many roadblocks, as she isn´t married and didn´t every want to marry her drunk husband. Well I don´t know everything that took place between when I left and now, but she was just married and baptized, and hopefully now the rest of her children and husband will be baptized to form an eternal family!! This was just a little evidence from God that things happen in his time, we don´t always know what the results will be. Today I got an email from investigador in my first area too, it was so good to hear from her!

Our ward here sure seems to be going through everything. A member, Esther, died, our grandma Maria was in the hospital.....We called Esther one day to set an appointment, the lady said Esther had died. I was skeptical of this, because we had just recently passed by, and her family doesn´t really like the church anyways. Well it later was confirmed that this less active member really had died from a sudden heartattack...we passed by one morning and she wasn´t there, as soon as she came home she passed away. It was so sudden. Life really is short. The good news is that several less actives we are working with went to church yesterday!

Other things this week is I went to Paraná for divisions, my dislike for dogs grew even more as I was peed on right through the fence as we were contacting a lady, my comp said she is always entertained by my sleep talking in spanish (I´m doomed for life). This week our ward activity is an american breakfast...the members think we are crazy, but they are just going to learn to love pancakes and scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. 

Sounds like you had a good vday! I think we ate some pizza or cereal or something. Mom, you could have frozen mine:) And happy bday landon! Yesterday I knew exactly what you would be eating! jaja. As for ethan....I think he is turning into sterling. Watch his sleeping habits. 

Thanks for the updates. Let me know how the trip to Cali goes. Cuidense!

Love, hermana andrews

p.s. Mom i just received one of your dear elders from November! jaja. It must have made a detour to india or something. 

p.p.s. I didn´t receive dad's letter

February 10, 2014

happy olympics

Happy olympics! Truth is I had no idea they were even going on.... maybe the people in argentina don't even know they exist? It´s all about the World Cup here....June baby!

Well to start off with the questions mom....
Yes mom, no robbings this week. 
Everyone does besos here. Women and women, but also men and men. I love it. It´s so much better than the handshake. Except us of course only beso women. There´s always the creeper men who try to sneak one in on us. No one hugs though. Just us american hermanas. 
And trek...yep it does exist here! In fact the youth are going this week, it´s in Cordoba. But the lucky ducks get a swimming pool, real toilets, and a nice little camping spot. 

It wouldn't be a letter without the weather update. Right now it´s pourrrring. This morning we were sitting there studying, when my comp looked over and realized her bed was soaking wet. jajaja. Our roof leaked. So then we taped little plastic grocery bags hanging from the ceiling to catch water, and buckets on the floor. It´s quite the site. This week I also experienced the lovely humidity, more than any other week here. I felt like a man walking around wet constantly. I think I will move to Arizona. 

As for the baptism we were going to have Saturday, it was sadly canceled. Rocio had to move back to Tucuman weeks early....so she wasn´t baptized here. Super bittersweet. But...she will be baptized there. As for other investigadores, it was a tough week for finding people. A lot of our time was occupied with service, going to Rosario, and so many other little things that came up. I don´t even know what a normal week would be anymore. We did get a reference from the mission office. It´s a man named Flavio, he talked to someone from Uraguay on FB about the book of mormon. Flavio is a professor, has studied the indio culture and religions of argentina, and written 5 books. We gave him a BoM, he gave us a copy of his book. We had no idea what to expect going in, but it was very different as he doesn´t have the christian background and beliefs of God and Cristo. I felt more like  I was teaching someone from china. 

I had 2 of the most entertaining service projects. We went to cut the grass of our little old member grandma, maria. (That in itself took convincing, as she wanted the elders to do it...they assured her that hermanas are capable also) She didn´t have a rake to clean the grass up, so gave us a squeegy that´s used to clean the floor. So i squeegied the grass. And she told us that we needed to cut the grass by hand around all her flowers. And then I used the broom to sweep her dirt. There was a plywood table that needed to be cut in half, the elders were then given little kitchen knives (like we use for steak)...let´s just say it took a while. Hey, you use what tools there are. Another day I learned how to use a machete as we pulled out weeds from another members house. She basically had a jungle outside. (And then an elder lost his keys...)

People here always keep it entertaining. We were talking to Zunilda (75 year old) about a challenge we had given her to write down names of people who could listen to the gospel, and then pray every day for them. As i was asking her about each of the names, she explained it´s her grandson, her son, her brother (´"he´s dead"), her husband ("he´s dead")....jaja oops I guess we didn´t explain good enough it's for LIVING people to listen to the missionaries. We keep walking into streets where the testigos de jehova are contacting...ugh. They do their best to even avoid eye contact with us. We just make sure to go back and contact the same streets after. 

I was thinking and studying a lot about repentence this week. As a missionary, we have to repent more than ever. Really in life the way that we progress and become more like Christ is through repentence....to change our desires and thoughts and intentions. This is super important for alll members. Our ward here is realllly struggling...there are few members, and more menos activos than ever. The repentence every day and every week help us be converted. And here´s a little quote that I read today....
"Character is demostrated by looking and reaching outward when the natural and instinctive response is to be self absorbed and turn inward." -Elder Bednar.
This week we also took a little trip to Rosario to do visa stuff. And slept in the mission house with A\C....(i may have even slept with 2 blankets....). 

Well thank you for all the letters. Seriously. I´m glad everyone has not died in the cold yet. (well, except maybe sterling). 

And happy valentines day! I will just have to survive without my cinnamon hearts. 
Keep on keeping on, the decisions you make every day really do determine where you will be tomorrow.

Love you all. 

Hermana Andrews

February 3, 2014

happy groundhog day....happy bday heidi!

We are already in febuary.

And ethan is driving?..... I will hold off all the learner permit jokes, but seriously parents, maybe consider that again. He was barely a teenager just yesterday. 
Not a lot of letter worthy things happened this week. We had transfers, the four of us stayed in this ward. Right now things are a little rough in the ward, as half the members are on vacation, the bishop is now living in brasil, and people seem to be dropping to the less active list on a weekly basis. One tactic we are trying is to become the most annoying people possible, anyone who isn´t going to church will be getting LOTS of visits from the missionaries throughout the week. Until they come. 

As for our investigador, Rocio, she is getting baptized this week! Well, maybe. She had a date and everything, but yesterday we found out she is moving back to Tucuman sooner rather than later. As in like 2 days after her baptismo. So now it´s a matter of if she is getting baptized here, or will wait to be baptized there. She really is prepared, I´m happy that this is the decision she wants to make. She was even going to go on Trek here. 

People at home joke about eating like pioneers, or having nothing in the fridge. Well this week we experienced it. jaja. We have really been forced to practice a budget, as neither me or my comp have had our debit card, due to being robbed. We have learned to be creative, eating rice, pasta, rice, tortas fritas, and crackers. Hello carbs. Good thing we walk a lot. But don´t worry mom, finally we will be going grocery shopping this week. I guess this could be classified as just one of those experiences of the mission. 

Well i hope everything else is going good. That´s great you had stake conference. 
And i hope you ate some superbowl food for me?!.....

Love you all!
Hermana andrews

 And not only so, but we glory in atribulations  also: knowing thatbtribulation  worketh cpatience ;
 And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
 And ahope  maketh not ashamed; because the blove  of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.
Romans 5

p.s. we were at a members house yesterday and their whole back patio is coverered with a ceiling of grapes. Dad would have been enthralled. They were delicioush.