June 2, 2014

Transfers - June 2 2014

And another transfer has come and gone......This transfer I knew I would be staying here, and was kind of just over all the news and excitement of who is going where. I guess I am officially the old lady. The news came, the sad part is that my comp Hna Castaneda is leaving....but my baby that I trained, Hna Hickman, is going to train in venado tuerto, where i started!! Also, the Hna Coreas who is here with me in Esperanza is going to my area in Santa Fe!! It´s a small world here in the mission.... I am starting my last transfer. Last of everything. Very bittersweet.

So the week also consisted of the day of cleaning, pulling a car out of the mud, more rain, zone meeting, lots of teaching and finding, and everything else.   The hardest part of the mision would be seeing people not fulfill with their commitments, not come to church.....to know that people have felt the spirit, and knowing how the gospel changes the life now and for the eternity, and then see the people reject it. Having people shut doors in the face, the freezing cold, or whatever rude comment does nothing. It´s feeling this love that God has for his children, and then seeing people not live up to their potential. This is what hurts. I´m understanding more the book of mormon, what all those missionaries like alma and ammon and amulek were talking about, when their worked with all diligence and prayed constantly for their brothers, to come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. I know the true joy in life really does come from this, to see our brothers and sisters understand and apply the atonement in their lives.

Hermana Hickman loves me enough that she sent me oreos and a jar of peanut butter! true love. And I received your letters and pictures, thanks!!

Congrats on the seminary graduation landon! Still going to boondocks, or how is it now?
Love you all,
Hermana Andrews

My new friend

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