June 16, 2014


 Happy world cup! The copa mundial may be the biggest cultural thing I have seen in argentina, next to mate of course... Yesterday they played Bosnia, and won! The little phrase ´in the world but not of the world´ ever felt so true. As we walked around and attempted to contact houses, there was almost no one. Everyone and their dog was watching it. Luckily there was one family of members that don´t like soccer, and we taught them. Walking home it was almost eerie as no one was in the street. The most festive we got was the flag in the window, and a jersey I bought.

Happy fathers day!!! Yay. We went to church. The primary children didn´t even sing the little song. And we had salad and soup for lunch. jaja. But yesterday was quite a day. Keep in the mind the events of the world cup and fathers day....

As we left the church my comps bike busted, the tire went completely flat as a part of it was broken. So then she hops on the back of mine and we haul home. We go to open the apartment door, and it wouldn´t open...and wouldn´t open....The key didn´t work or something. I was searching all the options, of climing the roof, shimmingy around the side of the wall to climb in a window...and nothing was working. We go tell the neighbor-owner. She comes, can´t open it, thought we had busted the door....This happened during middle of the siesta, a sunday, fathers day, and the world cup. Worst circumstances. We were getting ready to make a trek back to the other hermanas apartment, who don´t live even close, and without bikes...When finally the door opened! Our neighbor sprayed some grease stuff, and it was a miracle!

To top off the day, a dog attacked us walking home. I have never been so terrified with a dog in the mish, as it was huge and black, and chased us with its big fangs hanging out. And no one to help us, as obvsiously everyone was inside watching the game. All in all a memorable day. The other hermanas then came over to sleep, we ate our crepes and ranch and veggies:)

Happy 17 months in the mish! The hermanas gave me a lovely little present all wrapped up.....I open it up, and there´s an animal hoof sitting there! Like all fury with bone sticking out...jajajaja. It was so disgusting. They found it on the side of the road yesterday and thought it would be a classy white elephant. Still not sure if it´s a sheep, goat, or something else.

We had a week of miracles. We found several new families to teach, one day a member came with us to contact her reference and the man ended up accepting a baptismal date! It was so great to see her have this experience, she had a list of people she was praying for to be prepared to accept the gospel, and it really strengthened her faith. Not all the little miracles can be put into words, but I really saw this week how God works according to our faith and diligence. As a district we were focusing on and practicing inviting people to be baptized...and I saw how God gave us the opportunities to do it.

I also like to see how some people are so content with what they have. People that can hardly walk, or hardly have a house...but are the happiest people. It´s humbling and makes me grateful.
Some people are just obsessed that we are from the US, and even asked us to sign their copy of the book of mormon. jaja.

Our branch pres. has now given us the assignment of teaching sunday school also...oh boy, the old testiment kills me. I´m used to teaching about the faith the jose smith all day! My companion teaches one class, and I teach the other, so that there´s a sunday and gospel principles. I have come to love teaching people.
Your week sounds so fun! Jacob is a little adventurer now!
Thanks for the letters and pictures! I´m grateful for all your prayers also. Have a great week,
Hermana Andrews

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