December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas

We started off the day yesterday by going to the hospital. My comp got bit by a scorpion. I guess that´s what we get for doing our morning exercises....She was laying on the floor, and the nasty little thing just bit her. We didn´t know if it was bad or not, as she said it only hurt a little. We went to our neighbor, who wasn´t of much help. We called hermana giuliani and pres. giuliani. Finally someone called us back, and then Hna Giuliani told us to go immediately to the hospital. Good thing the bite didn´t kill instantly, or my comp would have been long dead by this time. So then we went to the hospital. This is an experience in and of itself, in Argentina. We waited, and waited, I had to figure out the payment and how everything works. Then finally we saw a doctor, he said it´s not poisonous, and sent her to get a shot. Thing is, he didn´t even look at the scorpion! (we had to bring the real thing). And then I saw his nametag that said cardiologist. jaja. So there went my trust in the hospital. (don´t worry, they didn´t even once ask for her ID or health history or anything.) So then she got a shot in her bum. And that´s the story of the scorpion.

Other exciting things this week...the police. You have probably already heard about this or got the email from president....but the police weren´t working. So society went crazy. And we couldn´t leave our apartment after dark this week. Very inconvenient. In some areas people went around crazy with guns and robbing, lots of stores were closed, but nothing happened to us. It was all very political, and we always just heard what was going on from the people in the street, and little old ladies who were scared for our lives that we were going to get attacked.

Thanks for all the birthday emails! My first birthday without snow and gingerbread houses. I did get my share of cake though:) We ate with a member, and she made the most delcious cake. I didn´t know something so good existed in argentina. It was chocolate, with dulce de leche, whipcream, strawberries. mmmmm. And even made a delicious breakfast the next day. There is a bakery that I have just been waiting to go would put kneaders to shame. Its full of rows and rows and shelves of the most yummy looking pastries and cakes. So we went there also. Jaja mom you found an alforjor recipe! Some members gave me sweet cards and president calls everyone on their birthday.

The heat is here. Oh wow. And lucky us, our fridge-freezer isn´t quite working normallly. But we count the working fan as a blessing. Even though they do just randomly shut off the power during the afterrnoon somedays here. 99 in the shade, and 93 in our apartment. I guess some things, like a constantly dripping face, you get used to ?... My favorite are the adorable little lawnmowers with cords that people use here.

Sad news for the week is our investigator. He doesn´t want to be "Mormon" and learn more. We literally gave him everything we had...but in the end every person has to make a decision for themself. And at times the pressure of other people just prevents them from accpeting the gospel, but I know some day in the future he will remember what he felt and knew. We did find some other good people contacting. I love when people recognize how peaceful they feel when talking to us.... um, hello sista, there´s more where that comes from.

Other good things this week was an asado with our mission leader (an elder here was leaving), the christmas mission conference (mom, i´m sure you have already facbook stalked that!jaja).

Oh, and the ward activity! We had a talent show. I just love how different the culture is...jaja lets just say it teaches me patience. It started at 8:30 one night....we had gotten permission to be out this late (because of all the police problems) But we had shown up early...and there was no one. Of course the bishop showed up at 8:27, members showed up after.... jaja just a whole different schedule. There was a variety of talents, including singing, I taught a little girl a piano song, and food. Well we had no time to think of some cute litle talent, we are missionaries. So i had a brilliant plan to do rainbow jellow. Yes, rainbow jello. A talent? not really. But impressive? it can be. (it all started becasue we couldn´t find a box of brownies to make) Well if you recall we have some serious issues with our fridge. It took a full 24 hours, but we make a pan of jellow, complete with the layers and all. The problem came when we went to this activity, it took forever to start, we walked through the 100 degrees outside. Let´s just say by the time we tried to cut the cute little cubes of rainbow jellow, it was not so cute. It was a distaster... kinda like what you see on pinterest, and then when you actually make it it turns into a totally different thing. Haha it was so embarrasing. Well we had to leave the activity early, and who knows what it looked like when the members finally ate, or what comments were made...jaja. That is the story of the rainbow jello i made in argentina.

Tell the relief society thanks for the card! Thanks for the updates! Thank you for the bday stuff!! To answer about christmas here....well there are some trees and lights. Little baby trees. And lights in the window. And tiny little wreaths on some doors. But nothing at all like the american decor.... it´s funny to see little santa clause decorations or things in english. Here the night before is the big deal, christmas day everyone just sits around and drinks. I think we made introduce argentina to caroling. :)

Yes, I plan on skyping! We are going to to the church probably. Our pday is christmas day next week. It will probably be the afternoon here, around 3ish. Either I will send an email early next week to say exactly what time, or if you can just check your email christmas day.

love you all!
hermana andrews.

December 9, 2013


Another week. Wow. Seriously it´s flying by. Cliche, cliche, I know. But its already my birthday and Christmas!

jajaja wow it sounds freeeeezing cold there. I can´t even imagine. I am learning what real heat and humidity it like.... let's just say sleeping is not the most pleasant thing, and I walk around like a slimy sweat ball. oh well. ja. Last night there was a huge storm though. And by huge I mean huge. When it rains, it rainnnnns. And we live in a garage. (literally). So the rains came down, and the floods came up....and the power went off.....and our neighbor was out of town, we called the elders to ask what on earth to do as the water was rising and we were sure it would come in our little place we call home. Well the elders either don´t get it or don´t care...jaja. So we took matters into our own hands, stacked the suitcases on top of our stove, moved everything off the floor.....It was a blessing that the rain finally stopped before we flooded. Call us extreme, or just prepared. What a night.

We went to Walmart last pday! WALMART!!!! Ok´s all the details for you mom. It´s like america! Well, kinda. Same huge parking lot. (surrounded by barbwire). There were more workers than customers, (siesta maybe??), but there was the same little old man greeter, and christmas decorations, and all. Aaah I felt at home. I bought peanut butter!!! I even looked at the clothes....lots of the same ones, there were a ton of these long reversible skirts (in the US too??), but when you look at the shelves you are reminded that it´s still argentina....

It was one year ago that i received that stinkin letter to change my date, my birthday....and now...i´m in argentina! So crazy. Oh, and i received the christmas package. THANK YOU!! Celebrate for me. I will be here eating funfetti as well:)

We had zone meeting this week, good as usual. There was a big long schpill about scorpiones....absolutely disgusting. I learned more than I ever wanted to know. There´s lots of kinds in the world of course, but the kinds in argentina happen to be the dangerous venemous ones. I guess it´s a big safety concern for missionaries. People die, and lots of peple have died recently here in rosario. The next day we were helping a lady clean her house, and guess what i saw...a scorpion. So now we have to scorpion proof our little house, but remember how we live in a please just pray for us. ja.

One day we were contacting for the costanera, and found this guy who his grandkids are actually serving missions! Him and his wife are not members (catholic), but were the friendliest people ever. Right then they invited us to an asado, showed us scrapbooks and pics of their family. Turns out they don´t live in our area...but it was crazy to meet them. We almost accepted their offer for an asado:) So now we will be sending the missionaries after them though, they have so much potential...with his daughter and grandkids as members! Same day we met 2 college guys, turns out one has a girlfriend in California, and all her friends are members. So he has heard things, and even talked about how we discriminate who can go to weddings. We explained about the temple and marriage and families and everything....lots of potential also, but unfortunately they are students that are leaving now that it´s summer. We met a lady practicing islam...that was the first i have heard of here! I love meeting people. Even the special an old lady who told us she doesn´t wanted to be resurrected, but wants to be reincarnated into a monkey. She was so completely sincere, really wants to be a monkey. poor thing. My favorite excuse for people that don´t want to listen to us has been ´´i don´t have time until next year...´´....ok i know it´s like a month away, but really, if a person is interested they wouldn´t say that! until next year.

Funny moment this week...i gave a beso to a man. Truth is i wasn´t sure if it was a man or a women, and i thought it was better safe than sorry. I then asked the menos activo we were with if her aunt lived with here...she then told me it´s her uncle, not her aunt. oops. i thought it was her aunt. Usually it´s the men that try to give US a beso.

We are trying to use our time better and plan better. We have greatly improved how we plan, and I have seen a difference in what we are able to get done. I didn´t feel like we wasted time before, but I know God blesses us when we make plans for every minute of the day we have. Even exactly what streets we will walk. By doing this God will put people where we will be. It´s been a struggle with our investigador. His family and friends don´t want him to be in the church or baptized....ugh so it´s difficult when he doesn´t have support. I just know he´s prepared, so it´s hard to see a person make a decision to not accept the gospel. This week we need to focus on new investigadores and helping those we have to progress. There´s a ton of our area that has not been contacted, or at least for years, so we will be going there to find new people. THis week we have tried everything....even calling every old investigador that had a phone number on their teaching record. Creepy maybe, but you do what you gotta do. Or whats inspired. We are taking advantage of this. season with every person and their dog outside sipping mate to contact.

There´s a less active family we are working with, and the happiest day yesterday when the mom and the daughter, and the little boy of the daughter were at church. I LOVE seeing the change in people. For example the girl maira (26) who i know trusts us now, and when we go to her house she is excited to read the scriptures.

To answer your question mom, it depends what we eat. Usually some sort of meat or chicken, potatos, or salad or empanadas. There´s a family that has a rotiseria (like fastfood for here?) so with them pizza or tarta. Another member is from peru, so it´s always rice with them. And always juice. Always. My favorite thing here now is ensalada de fruita....mmmmm. Fresh fruit salad. But its the dessert. My other main food i eat is yogurt and cornflakes. Everyyy day. One thing i still haven´t learned to love is mayo....ja oh well.

Oh, and this week I finished reading the Book of Mormon. yay! well, actually kinda too bad that it´s over. I LOVE this book. I have a testimony of is absolutely central to everything we believe. It literally is the most powerful tool in the conversion, combined with the Holy Ghost.

Love you all!
Enjoy your week!
This is a crazy week here....we have misiĆ³n christmas conference, a ward talent show, and of course me bday. Celebrate! And right now i´m off to a zone pday.
hermana andrews

p.s. prov. 17:17

December 8, 2013


My favorite question this week has been, ´are you really sisters´.....never gets old. And no one can say 'Andrews' either. I´m glad you all enjoyed thanksgiving! We were lucky enough to eat milenesa (fried chicken) and mashed potatoes for lunch, complete with Tang and an orange for dessert. And that night a member randomly gave us sandwiches. So that is what we did to celebrate. Oh and my nose got friiieedd. I think I will have to up the sunscreen.

Mom, I received the package! Thank you! I will be waiting until my bday to enjoy the funfetti and cookies:) We have officially put the christmas countdown calender up. And thanks for the dear elders too! This week we did divisiones with the hermanas capacitadores. An hermana came here to Santa Fe, I seriously learned SO much, and it´s always a nice little change to see how other people work and have their ideas. Hermana Diorio actually came to the mission the same day as me, but is from argentina (the only hermana from argentina!) We also had a training in Parana for all leaders and trainers. I always love listening to presidente giuliani and his asistants. They talked about teaching the doctrina of cristo, and the importance to invite people to be baptized.

Our miracle this week was with Miguel. Maybe I told a little about him the last week?....First of all we received a message, he wanted to know exactly how it is we pray. Ok, that never happens here. Happily we went over and taught him. Later in the week we had an appointment planned, then it took us forever to find a member that could come with us. We showed up at the church, the elders told us that the members couldn´t come because the dad had got hit by a motorcycle...and then miguel didn´t show up anyways....communication is a little complicated when you can´t carry even your cellphone around and sometimes things don´t work out as planned(I can´t even IMAGINE having an ipad...and car...jaja) So everything fell through. The next day we reset the appointment, he showed up to the church, and had a notebook full of questions about the church and every bad thing- or lie that you can find about mormons on the internet. horrible. I told him we were going to teach a lesson and if he still had questions after we would answer those. We taught the restoration and libro de mormon, he accepted a baptismal date, and said one of the most sincere prayers I have heard. It was so interesting to see the Spirit work, and to have the member share her testimony and experience, that when we ended the lesson all the garbage he had found against the church didn´t even matter.

We were SO happy for him. I know that the appointment worked out better with the day and member we had. Then that night we went home and had received a message from him...he said he went home and was telling his family, and they said they will reject him if he is baptized. He didn´t know what to do, was considering looking for a different place to live...he was not doing so good. ugh. It all happened so fast.  In the lesson the member had talked about how when we start to do something good Satan attacks. And it happened faster than I could have imagined. So right now we are trying to help him, but also the members, so that he can make a decision for himself what he will do. It´s hard for him, but if something is true you can´t deny it. And he felt the spirit.

The world is changing. Fast. And for the worse. People have fear, or i don´t know what it is, to even talk about God and Christ. Yesterday we were handing out little pictures of Christ to contact and find people... and before we even said the name of our church people would even refuse to talk to us, or refuse to accept a little picture! I just don´t understand. There are lots of people who won´t even listen to anything or look at anything that appears to be religious. I´m sure this just makes our heavenly father sad.

Another thing I learned is that it doesn't matter how many years you have been a member of the church, if you have served a mission, or what has happened....the conversion depends on what you do personally every single day and every week. The conversion is not something we achieve, it´s a state of being that we need to constantly mejorar.

I´m happy to hear you did festival of trees! woohoo! Are you going to be chopping down a life tree this year? well we are off to walmart. Yep, you heard that right. Worldwide walmart here in argentina.

love you all!
hermana andrews

p.s. 3 juan 1:4
me and my district from the mtc
at conferencia de las hermanas