June 30, 2014

June 30 2014


President Giuliani has gone, we now have a new pres. It´s a reminder of how the mission really is...people come and go, we come and go, but the work of the Lord continues on.

Well this week the biggest obstacle has been people juntados. I have been trying to think of the word for this in english...but we haven´t figured it out...would be living together?

It is a huge obstacle here in Argentina, the number of people that are not married, and the overall attitude of marriage. We were sitting in a lesson with Natalia and Jorge, (Jorge has now read half of the book of mormon in 2 weeks), when we found out they are jundado!!! Ugh. They have been living together for 18 years, and to divorce from her old husband is a complete mess and takes lots of time and money. We normally ask if they are married in the first contact....and we can´t remember if we never asked them before or what happened. But anyways, this was something difficult, complicates baptism.

We found another family, Raul and Marcela, one day contacting. We talked to the guy, he told us he lived alone and invited us in. What a creeper, we were thinking. Well it was all a joke, he has 6 kids, and they are a family with a ton of potential. It´s so refreshing to have a family where the mom AND the dad listen. Another new person is Carolina, she absolutely loves God, and has the most interesting personality...but would mean she will fit right in as a member here, and accepted a baptismal date:) I just love the people in Argentina, they all have something so odd but loveable about them. jaja. She is 35 and married to a 70 year old. But hey, I guess that´s love.

Leandro is doing better, it´s been a struggle after his baptism as he has had so many more distractions and temptations. But we were able to see him receive the priesthood, and he is doing better, and doesn´t even have a girlfriend. :)

We had a couple awkward moments...teaching a lesson, when someone claps outside, and it was los testigos de jehovah....Our investigador just says ´oh it´s just the testigos, they pass by too...¨ jajaja. Then after this lesson we go contact a street, when the testigos come walking up in their big heard like they do to attack a block, and start contacting! They then saw us standing in a doorway, and moved themselves to a different street. jaja.

The activity we did was a talent show. It turned out that our president and his counselor couldn´t come...so it was left to us 4 little missionaries to do it all. Well in the end it turned out a real hit (what would be considered a failure in america was a success here?....) and they all loved it. We had quite the variety of talents.... 74 year old recent convert Rogelio demonstrated how fast he jumps up on to his bike seat, and zoomed around the chapel. There were poems in french, singing, a mock radio show, and we did some completely embarrasing act, dancing around to music with balloons on the top of our heads. (even worse with the fact that the only music we have is from EFY...) But the whole thing was hilarious.

Church was exceptionally good yesterday. We talked about diets...but specifically spiritual diets. And how many times we are so worried about our physical body, but how often do we starve our spirits?

And....the world cup. Argentina is playing quite well:) There´s even a good chance that the US will play us...so we will see how that goes.

Love you all!! Hope summer is going well:)
Hermana Andrews

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