May 26, 2014

May 26 2014


Truth is, I don´t have much to say. 
Maybe some pictures to share?
Of course every day is exciting to me, but when it comes to putting it in a letter for people thousands of miles away to read, it just doesn´t quite work out. 

Some things that could be noted is we had branch conference (almost have the people who came were from the stake..jaja) We are part of a stake in santa fe. Us missionaries were in charge of putting together a little choir, so of course i played the piano. Oh boy...such sweet people, with desires to sing...and have never had any training in the least bit. The things we take for granted, like having a beautiful sounding choir in church. jaja. But I think it ended up sounding ok, at least it didn´t drive away the spirit... The conference was really good, the stake president (who was the first person called to start the church in esperanza) talked about the promises that have been made about this area. It really is a special place. And I just know that one day the church will be thriving here. For now, there are some members who are just rocks and such examples.

One day we let a member borrow one of the it was me and my comp sharing my bike, cause it has the little ´seat ´ thing on bike. What a ride.´s not so cute to have 2 full grown people clunking around like that. Catches the attention of people, that´s for sure. 

The moral of this picture is you should never ask a 7 year old to take the picture. Because the oversized american gets her head chopped off. But, he is the same adorable little boy who then walked up to each of us, including his mom, and said ´fat ´, ´fat´, ´fat´, he pointed to the stomachs. He pointed at me and said ´skinny´. jajaj. First person so say that, so I like him. 

Working hard!....or hardly working?... We helped a family build the brick fence. And dug out weeds. The old fashioned pioneer way...with out the tiller thing or weedwacker. I was just wishing I had some Preen to put down after.

It was 25 de Mayo yesterday, it´s dia de la revolution of something....but anyways some holiday, everyone eats empanadas and loco. So we ate some food.

I love teaching gospel principles. You never know what it will bring. Yesterday it was 2 recent converts and an investigador. Edgardo is almost 80...and the investigador is a sweet old viajito also. Well we taught plan of salvation. Edgardo explained where we came from before being the words of an 80 year old, and how parents love each other and all....jajaja me and my companion were trying to compose ourselves and not pee our pants, all while the other member kept saying ´we lived in the moms tummy! we lived in the moms tummy!¨. We explained about the before, before our spirits in heaven.

Well don´t worry, the week did have the other great spiritual parts and all:) As a zone activity we all contacted for almost an entire day, to find some specifically prepared for baptism. We have met several people this week with lots of potential, and it also turns out that our investigador Sofia already knows one of our members. A super special moment was as we taught a new investigador Melina, she said the closing prayer, and immediately after started crying and crying. She explained she felt something really good...she felt the spirit so strongly, and we helped her recognize what she was feeling. It was a testimony to see how God touches the hearts of his children through the spirit. 

I love you all!
Thanks for the letters and prayers. 
Hermana Andrews

P.S. I heard this scripture in a district thing, and love it. It´s about the work we the mission, callings, etc. The success isn't ours, it's God's. 1 Cor. 3:6-9

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